Scheduled Service Programs


As the concern for occupational health and safety grows we understand that providing scheduled service programs is a necessity to your company and its fleet of machines.

Our range of equipment is supported by our affiliated company, Access Worx.

Routine maintenance programs ensure safety, reliability, durability, maximum performance and longevity of your equipment.  This is achieved through inspection, testing the condition of your EWP equipment, servicing and/or replacing parts and fluids as required.

With the support of Access Worx, we can offer you a scheduled maintenance program ensuring your equipment is serviced in accordance with the manufacturers' recommendations.  Access Worx can provide quarterly, annual and major inspections of small and large electric scissor lifts, rough terrain diesel scissor lifts, electric boom lifts and rough terrain diesel boom lifts and other types of elevating work platform equipment.

If you would like a copy of our maintenance/safety checklist or our current service rates, contact Access Worx on 03 9312 3835 or email


Give your equipment the maintenance it was designed to receive.