EWP Yellow Card Training


The EWP Yellow Card is the nationally recognised operator training program. The training program is in accordance with the Elevated Work Platform Association of Australia (EWPAA).

Across all states of Australia there is Occupational Health & Safety regulations in place to protect the health, safety and welfare of the workforce. The Act states that there is a 'duty of care' to ensure workplace safety.

It also goes on to state that:

• Employers must provide information, instructions, training and supervision necessary to ensure the health and safety of employees at work, and

• Employees must co-operate with efforts to comply with OH&S requirements in the workplace.

It is in the best interest it is in the best interests of all parties to have written proof which identifies that the requirements for 'duty of care' have been successfully met.

The Operator Card is a registered ticket issued to operators who have been successfully trained by EWPA accredited trainers in the safe use and operation of various types of elevated work platforms.

There are five different types of EWP Yellow Card license categories:

Over 11.0m Training

• (BL) Self Propelled Boom Lift.

• (SL) Scissor Lift.                  

• (VL) Vertical Lift.                  

• (TL) Trailer Mount Boomlift.  

• (TM) Truck Mount Boomlift.

The Occupational Health and Safety (Certification of Plant Users and Operators) Regulations 1994 define a boom-type elevating work platform as:

"A powered telescoping device, hinged device or articulated device or any combination of these used to support a platform on which personnel, equipment and materials may be elevated to perform work and which has a boom length of 11 metres or more”.

Access Sales & Spares believes training is a top priority in any case. The importance of quality, well defined and structured training is imperative in relation to how a person develops their skill.

With highly skilled field operators, training can be made available both in-house or onsite (subject to availability). Access Sales & Spares will work with you and/or your team to provide a training program that will leave you with more than just an operator’s licence, but also a valued work ethic revolving around care and attention to detail.

All training is carried out by EWPA Accredited Operator Trainers who are highly skilled, and who are also nationally accredited workplace trainers.

Access Sales & Spares offer training as complete packages to individuals and groups. For all available options on our range of elevating work platforms, yellow card and associated training services, to make bookings, or to find out more information…

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