Bil-Jax: Summit Series

Summit Series® trailer-mounted boom lifts from Bil-Jax, Inc. raise the bar and redefine how all trailer mounted boom lifts are measured.

Towable booms have many advantages over other traditional aerial and scissor lifts because they provide more versatility, are easier to transport and offer the most reach for the least cost. They are perfect for building construction and repair; tree trimming; sign installation and repair; painting tall buildings and structures; and installing holiday lights and decorations.

Bil-Jax first introduced the 3632T into the Summit Series, a telescopic boom offering 43 ft., 6 in. of maximum working height. This lift was followed by three more models of articulating booms, the 3522A, 4527A and the 5533A. These units offer 37 ft., 2 in., 45 ft., 0 in. and 55 ft., 3 in. of maximum platform height, respectively. The most recent addition to the Summit Series is the 2622T, a telescopic boom lift with 32 ft. 6 in. of working height.

The Summit Series offers a greater outreach and superior negative reach compared to models currently on the market.

All units feature an automatic, self-leveling hydraulic outrigger system that allows for set-up in 30 seconds when all four outriggers are deployed simultaneously. The extra-large, non-marking outrigger footpads make these units ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.

The controls on the ground and on the platform have the same, simple-to-understand layout and push button design, so there is little operator learning curve, making them excellent for end users or contractors who have multiple employees.

The Summit Series towable booms can be transported by any standard half-ton ute and each unit has a 104 km/h tow-speed rating, the highest rating of any towable booms.

All Summit Series models have a 227 kg. platform load capacity and large 2-person platform. Other standard features include: hydraulic surge brakes; forklift pockets; outrigger interlocks; and a 110v GFI duplex outlet at the platform. Many options are available including a combination DC and gas hybrid, material lift attachment, drive and set feature and available on specific models; a retractable axle feature and jib rotate.

BIL-JAX 3522A - Trailer Boom Lift

Bil Jax 3522A Trailer Boom Lift
Bil Jax 3522A Trailer Boom Lift
Bil Jax 3522A Trailer Boom Lift
Bil Jax 3522A Trailer Boom Lift
Manufacturer: Bil-Jax

The Bil-Jax 3522A trailer boom lift is part of the range of electrical trailer boom lifts for people and material lifting.  Trailer boom lifts are towable thus making them ideal for travelling from site to site and easy to use for small or large scale applications. 



  • Automatic leveling in less than 30 seconds
  • Best-in-class 12½ degree leveling capability
  • Telescopic upper boom and platform jib
  • Negative angle upper boom
  • Intuitive control system
  • Multiple function speeds
  • 25cm diameter non-marking footpads
  • Hydraulic surge and parking brakes
  • Integrated forklift pocket




 BIL-JAX 3522A

 Working Height


 Platform Height


 Horizontal Outreach


 Maximum Lift Capacity


 Platform Size

1.21m x .76m 





 Width - Stabilized


 Height - Transport


 Platform Rotation





205 R15 

 Power Source

6V 245A 




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