Bil-Jax: X BOOMS Series

The Bil-Jax X-Booms fill an unmet need in the industry. Ideal for working in difficult terrain, the Bil-Jax X-Booms have four-wheel drive and 45-48% gradeability. Hydraulic outriggers have replaced the heavy counterweights found on conventional self-propelled machines. The automatic level control ensures within 30 seconds the safe working state of the machine, with up to 12.5 degree slope.

The X-Boom lighter and less expensive than other self-propelled booms. This articulating boom offers 227 kg lift capacity with a 51-foot working height and 27 feet of maximum outreach. The units weigh just over 2,000 kg and are versatile for trailering with a suitable vehicle.

Options available for these lifts include non-marking tires, indoor tires, a hydraulic jib rotator and a material lift attachment. The material lift attachment allows the X-Booms to be used as light-duty cranes.

Standard features include water line and airline to the platform, as well as a 4,500-watt generator and 110-volt GFI-protected electrical outlets at the platform and base.

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Articulated Self Propelled Booms

BIL-JAX 45XA - Boom Lift

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BIL-JAX 55XA - Boom Lift

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