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Allfreight Finance Brokers are accredited with all major lenders in the transport and equipment sector, this enables them to source the best deal tailered for your business. Reduce time spent finding and assessing various lending options and deal with one broker who can take care of everything for you, in a timely manner from start to finish.   


PNOallfreight is a firm that offers you and your business a comprehensive range of insurance based products and services. Insurance requires qualified and experienced advice to ensure the cover that you and your business really need.

As one of the leading insurance brokers in the country, PNOallfreight Insurance Brokers offer the expertise to provide a full and comprehensive analysis of your company’s requirements, including premium, cover, risk management, claims preparation and support. Experts, who understand the insurance industry, take the time to learn about your business, then source the appropriate cover for you, tailored to your specific requirements.


Bil-Jax, Inc. was founded in 1946 and is headquartered in Ohio, USA. The family-owned company continued to expand their offering of fine products until 1993. As of July 24, 2008, Bil-Jax, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Haulotte US, Inc.

Innovation, creativity, and imagination have allowed BilJax Haulotte Group to become a global manufacturer of aerial work platforms and BilJax brand scaffold and staging products. The BilJax brand is one of the most recognized and trusted names in the rental industry. Product lines include trailer-mounted boom lifts, vertical material lifts, contractor equipment, light-weight self-propelled booms, and articulating, telescopic and scissor lifts ranging from 19' of lifting height to 135' of lifting height.

Bil-Jax, Inc. is dedicated to the continuous improvement of all Bil-Jax products, with a management team who is focused and well positioned to pursue their goals of continuing to provide high quality, leading brand products to the markets they serve.


Bullant Industries is an Australian Family owned company currently operating in Melbourne. Bullant is dedicated to specialising in the design and manufacture of industrial power and non-power equipment to industries including hire and rental, agricultural and construction industries respectively. As well as their machinery, they are experts in the design and fabrication of all things steel.

Bullant is nationally known to excel in providing innovative design, technical expertise and use the highest quality parts and materials in their products. Everything they make is designed and made with their customers in mind. They’re easy to deal with and whatever the need, can work it out.

In times where so many things have become disposable, and the general product is built to be efficient rather than for its durability and quality, it’s a valuable thing to find there is still some companies that build things that last, and that can still be excellent value for money

Bullant Industries is known for producing the highest quality built trailers in the country, and Access Sales & Spares chooses to use their product over any other. One look at the product and you can see that it speaks for itself. As Bullant themselves put it… “All Bullant Machinery is made in Australia by Australian Trades people for true Australian conditions. Don't risk it, buy Australian”.


Coventry Fasteners, as part of Coventry Group Ltd, is a leader in the fastener supply industry, with a proud history of servicing the mining, construction and manufacturing industries.

The business has operated in Australia in various forms since 1912 when FJ Sweetman first started trading in Western Australia. Since this time Coventry Fasteners has evolved into Australia’s Fastener Specialist by combining some of the best known independent fastener companies around the country including Universal Fasteners, Sweetman Fasteners, Queensland Fasteners and Top End Fasteners.

The Coventry Fasteners network now stretches throughout Australia. With an immense breadth and depth of product as well as ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems certification for all branches, we stand out as one of the premier fastener specialists.


Dingli is a leader in Access Equipment, Access Sales & Spares’ Dingli range of indoor and outdoor platforms are manufactured to Australian standards and provide a safe, stable work platform for heights from 4 meters to 40 meters.

“Your safety is paramount”, Access Sales & Spares works by that statement and so does Dingli. Especially when it comes to working with great heights. Access Sales & Spares’ Dingli range of elevated work platforms and scissor lifts offer variety and stability, to ensure you are in safe hands. All machinery complies with Australian Standards (14.18 part 10) and are fully design registered by Workcover Australia.

Dingli incorporates the best of current design features from the leading names in the industry, combined with the newest advancements and leading manufacturing processes at their impressive, state of the art manufacturing plants.

Through technological innovations from a remarkable team of research and development technicians, Dingli has addressed the market demand by developing a full range of access platforms for both indoors and outdoors use.

Gaining global recognition - Dingli is the leading manufacturer for electric aerial work platforms in China, with sustained reliability for quality and has a solid international footing with more than 200 dealers across 80 countries.

Access Sales & Spares offer a highly comprehensive range of Dingli elevated work platforms and scissor lifts.

Our range of equipment includes;

• Personnel Lifts

• Inventory Pickers

• Material Handlers

• Push Around Scissor Lifts

• Electric Scissor Lifts

• Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts

• Articulating Booms

• Telescopic Booms


Access Sales & Spares is proud to offer a range of Genie® aerial work platforms. Genie® has been a proud part of Australia's Access Industry since 1997 and has grown to become one of the largest Access Equipment suppliers in our country today.

After 44 years internationally, of fantastic service and commitment to the elevated work platform industry, Originating in the USA, Genie® has become an icon and one of the most respected Access Equipment manufacturers in the world.

Access Sales & Spares range of Genie® equipment is designed for reliability, easy operation, and convenient service and uncompromising safety.

Access Sales & Spares also offer tailored service support from a team that understands your needs. We believe in working together, to grow together and make your business better …with Access Sales & Spares’ range of Genie® equipment; you can be assured you have the right utility to get the job done.


Haulotte Group offers a complete line of aerial work platforms. A leader in the industry for more than 20 years, the Haulotte Group offers a broad range of products and services to meet the ever-changing demands of its customers.

The Haulotte Group’s range of more than 60 unique aerial work platforms provides a technologically innovative solution for any personnel or material-lifting challenge. Haulotte Group manufactures small lifts for indoor tasks, as well as larger lifts up to 130 feet for outdoor jobs

Haulotte Group has become one of the world's largest manufacturers of aerial work platforms by putting safety and innovation at the core of its priorities. Access Sales & Spares partners Haulotte Group in development and infrastructure projects, this partnership provides Haulotte Group with accurate information and end-user feedback. This feedback contributes to Haulott Group's continuing innovative attitude to continuous improvements to meet specific customer needs from diverse industries such as logistics, manufacturing, maintenance, airports and retail.

Access Sales & Spares is proud to be in partnership with, and represent Haulotte Group.



Hybrid Lifts are made in the USA and have a strong reputation for being durable, cheap-to-run, can be easily driven on & off a trailer and their compact footprint and tight turning-circle allows for easy access in tight spaces.

Engineered with the demands of the jobsite in mind, Hy-brid lifts have unparalleled low floor-loading pressures that let you complete projects faster and more efficiently than others in the scissor lifts industry.



Lube Assist is an independently owned lubrication company that specialises in wholesale marketing and distribution of quality lubricants and related products.

Based in Victoria, Lube Assist has over 38 years experience in lubricants servicing the earthmoving & construction, transport and agricultural markets.

Through alliances with leading oil and chemical companies Lube Assist is able to tailor its range of products and services to meet the unique needs of customers.These include LA advanced lubricants formulated to meet or exceed OEM quality specifications.

LA Lubricants, using group II base oils are refined by a process of Hydro cracking, Hydro De-waxing and Hydro finishing. This three-stage process chemically converts the molecules of crude oil into highly desirable lubricant components of unparalleled quality – free of impurities, which contribute to the degradation of conventional lubricants in service. So pure, in fact, that the advantages of hydro cracked base oils translate into synthetic-like performance characteristics in finished lubricants.

Our range of quality products, is supported by a culture of old fashion service unencumbered by the bureaucracy of larger suppliers, Lube Assist’s flexibility enables us to meet our customers needs today and into the future.



Our MEC Partnership allows Access Sales & Spares to offer you a unique, well-built option that will have you stand out from, and above your competitors, as well as deliver to you a range of specialty machines that are being utilised for specific purpose all around the world.

American built, the MEC brand has an excellent reputation for quality of performance and producing some of the aerial work platform industries most unique and innovative designs.

MEC leads a path of aggressive, new, well-built and much-needed products… needed for the better of the environment… needed by the end user to help with everything from unusual to commonplace tasks on the jobsite.

Our MEC products are designed for a range of elevated work platform applications, from the small indoor scissor lift through to the large scale multi-personnel platform for both indoor and outdoor use.

For more information on our MEC elevated work platforms, browse through our product range to find the perfect solution to suit your needs …or contact Access Sales & Spares to provide you with the answers.


Nifty products are designed and developed in the UK using advanced 3D modelling technology and subjected to rigorous testing to optimise every aspect of new product design. The Niftylift aim is improving performance and reducing unnecessary weight, therefore reducing the cost and increasing the ease of equipment logistics and most importantly, to ensure that every Niftylift work platform delivers outstanding performance without compromising on functionality or reliability.

Niftylifts experience in the rental industry has provided essential insights into the importance of machine reliability, ease of operation and minimal maintenance for the customer. With this in mind, Nifty work platforms are designed, where possible, with fully proportional control systems due their reliability under heavy use and manufactured using standardised components across the product ranges to aid maintenance and availability of spare parts.

Niftylift is one of the largest manufacturers of hydraulic work platforms in Europe and sells throughout Europe, the USA, the Middle East, Far East, Australia and South Africa and has its roots in designing machines for the rental industry. Niftylift draws on this experience to place emphasises the importance of reliability, ease of operation, minimal maintenance, and excellent after sales support to its customers.

Through investment in staff, manufacturing equipment and technology, we maintain an ongoing commitment to our customers to consistently produce high quality innovative products that meet or exceed their expectations.


Rapid Hose Systems is proudly an Australian owned company that is committed to quality products and the service to match.

RapidHose Systems caters for Agricultural. Industrial, Earthmoving and OEM needs.

Access Sales & Spares partners with RapidHose systems as they are able to provide the complete range of Hydraulic needs.


RS Components is the world's leading high-service distributor of electronics and maintenance products serving over one million engineers worldwide. With operations in 32 countries and 17 warehouses, we offer more than 550,000 products ranging from electronics, automation and control, test and measurement, to electrical and mechanical components.

In Asia Pacific, RS Components' extensive and well established footprint spans 10 markets, 17 local sales offices and 7 fully-stocked warehouses in Auckland, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney and Yokohama. As the largest distributor in the region, we serve more than 200,000 engineers across Asia Pacific.


Access Sales & Spares offers a select range of the Skyjack line up of self-propelled scissor lifts. Skyjack is world renowned for product reliability and stays an industry leader by producing machine features that combine durability, quality materials, and viable serviceability

Skyjack has been manufacturing scissor lift work platforms since the mid 1980’s. In the 90's Skyjack had grown to having claim of over 30% of the industry scissor lift market share, becoming a world leader in elevated work platforms.

Skyjack products are manufactured, sold and supported worldwide. Currently, Skyjack has production facilities in Canada, the United States, and Hungary with support offices in Europe and Asia.

Skyjack continues to develop equipment that has rapidly adapted to changes and advancements aerial platform industry. With quality and reliability being hallmarks of Skyjack, assuring its firm global reputation of being a signature manufacturer of aerial work platforms, Access Sales & Spares aspires to share in being recognised for its shared attributes through passing on quality built Skyjack machines. 


Trojan Battery Company is the world’s leading manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries. Trojan batteries are built on our historically-proven deep-cycle technology and designed to meet the complex requirements of today’s advancing applications for renewable energy, golf, heavy-duty truck, aerial/scissor lift,floor machine, RV and marine.