VRS Monkey VRSM 31

Manufacturer: VRS

Climbing Made Safe
The VRS Monkey Series provides a lot of the benefits of the Giraffe, but utilising steps instead of stairs. This makes it compact and well suited to factories and workshops with less room to move about.


  • Awesome height range from 0.96m to 3.1m with just 2 models!
  • Easy to manoeuvre – ‘turn on the spot’.
  • Steps (with firm handrailing either side) allow for a very compact unit, and comparitively large deck.
  • Deck Height From 1.9m to 3.1m
  • Overall Width 1613mm
  • Overall Length 2100mm
  • Platform Width 720mm
  • Platform Length 780mm

VRS Monkey Brochure pdf


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