GENIE GS-2032 - Scissor Lift

Genie GS 2032 Slab Scissor LIft
Genie GS 2032 Slab Scissor LIft
Genie GS2032 Slab Scissor LIft
Manufacturer: Genie


The Genie GS-2032 scissor lifts are  a compact, heavy-duty, self-propelled range of scissor lifts that reliable, easy to use and highly manoeuvrable.  They have a very tight turning radius and excellent, precise one-handed proportional controls, yet still provide a safe working height of up to 8.1m and a payload of 363kg.



  • 2.26m x 0.81m steel platform
  • Folding rails with half-height swing gate
  • 0.91m extension deck
  • Dual front wheel drive
  • Proportional lift and drive
  • Platform control with battery charge indicator and diagnostic display
  • Onboard Diagnostic system
  • Manual platform lowering valve
  • Emergency stop at both platform and ground controls
  • Multiple disc brakes
  • Brake release
  • Solid non-marking tyres
  • Pothole guards
  • Tilt alarm
  • Descent alarm
  • Electronic horn
  • Hour meter
  • Dual flashing beacons
  • Motion alarm
  • 24V DC
  • Universal 20A smart charger




 GENIE GS-2032 
 System Voltage 24V 
 Number of Batteries
 Wheelbase 1.8m 
 Operating Weight 1621kg 
 Hydrauilc System Fluid Capacity 14.2 L 
 Max Speed 3.5km/h 
 Tyre Size 15 x 5 x 11 
 Tyre Fill/Type Solid Non-Marking 
 Ground Clearance 0.9cm 
 Max Working Height 8.1m 
 Max Platform Height 6.1m 
 Max Platform Weight Capacity 363 kg 
 Platform Length 2.2m 
 Platform Width .810m 
 Lift Time 30 sec 
 Lower Time 34 sec 
 Deck Extension 910 m 
 Height w/o Rails  1.7m
 Overall Length 2.4m 
 Overall Width 8.1m 
 Height w/ Rails 2.0m 


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