GENIE GR-20 - Vertical Lift

Genie GR20 Runabout Vertical Lift
Genie GR20 Runabout Vertical Lift
Genie GR20 Runabout Vertical Lift
Genie GR20 Runabout Vertical Lift
Genie GR20 Runabout Vertical Lift
Manufacturer: Genie

The Genie Runabout GR-20 is an aerial work platform with a 6.02m maximum working height 6.02m platform height, a 159kg capacity. The GR-20 has a standard platform, auxiliary power to the platform for plugging in tools, a patented rigid mast system, and proportional lift and drive controls for safely moving the platform up and down. Capacity of 159kg for lifting heavy loads, standard platform is 35" L by 29.5" W with sliding mid-rails for ease of access and zero turning radius for increased maneuverability. A descent and tilt alarm helps ensure safe navigation of the lift, and a pothole protection mechanism helps to increase stability and prevent it from tipping over. With a low 15.5" platform entry height, users can easily step in and out of the GR-20 before and after use. The vehicle can be driven when fully elevated, has a zero-turning radius, four non-marking solid tires, dual wheel brakes with a hydraulic release, and a 2.5" ground clearance.The GR-20 operates on 24V power using four 6V 225 Ah batteries and includes an automatic 25A battery charger (with a charge indicator). Additional features include forklift pockets for transporting with a forklift, tie down and overhead crane attachments, and an onboard diagnostic system for troubleshooting. Major electrical and hydraulic components are easily accessed through hinged rear covers for maintenance.



  • Automatic battery charger
  • Descent and tilt alarm
  • Hydraulic brake release
  • On-board diagnostic system with BCI
  • Pothole protection
  • Tie-down attachment points
  • AC power to platform
  • Auxiliary platform lowering
  • Proportional drive and lift controls
  • Sliding mid-rail platform
  • 30% gradeability
  • Spring-applied hydraulically released brake system
  • 25cm non-marking solid rubber tires
  • Driveable when fully elevated for increased productivity
  • Platform controls are equipped with on-board diagnostics
  • Auxiliary platform lowering enables descent in the event of a power failure
  • Proportional lift and drive controls provide a smooth ride
  • Hinged rear covers allow easy access to all major components for convenient servicing




 Working Height
 Platform Height
 Platform Dimensions Standard
0.89 x 0.75m 
 Platform Dimensions Standard With Extension
1.40 x 0.75m 
 Platform Dimensions Stock Picker
0.89 x 0.73m 
 Platform Dimensions Stock Picker W/Adjustable Tray
1.40 x 0.73m 
 Platform Dimensions Standard AWP
0.69 x 0.66m 
 Platform Dimensions Narrow AWP
0.66 x 0.51m 
 Height  - Stowed
 Length - Stowed
 Ground Clearance  - Centre
 Lift Capacity
159 kg 
 Lift Capacity - Extension Deck
113 kg 
 Drive Speed - Stowed
4.0 km/h 
 Drive Speed - Raised
0.8 km/h 
 Turning Radius - Inside
 Turning Radius - Outside
1.42 m 
 Raise / Lower Speed
24 / 21 sec 
24V DC proportional 
 Tyres - Solid Non-Marking
25 x 8 x 20cm 
 Power Source
24V 225Ah 
 Hydraulic System Capacity


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